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TB Silalahi: No Royal Given To President

The chairman of the advisory council of the TB Silalahi Center said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was not given the title of Batak King but only a set of traditional clothes by the leaders of six Batak clans.

“No title as Batak King (given). That is a lie,” TB Silalahi said at the dedication of the Batak Museum at the TB Silalahi Center in Balige, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, on Tuesday.

He said six Batak sub-ethnic groups, namely Batak Toba, Karo, Simalungun, Mandailing, Pakpak Dairi and Angkola had made an agreement to award a set of traditional clothes to President Yudhoyono.

“This is as an official symbol that the President has become part of the Batak sub-ethnic groups,” he said.

The “bulang-bulang” and “hoba-hoba” as well as “tunggal panaluan” stick as the highest symbil of leadership has been given to him by the host namely the Batak Toba family.

The five other Batak families gave their special traditional clothes.

He said based on the agreement only the Batak Angkola family that give an honorary title like “Sri Baginda” and not King of Batak.

The Angkola family awarded a title of “Patuan Sorimulia Raja” to the President after reading the copy of the agreement made in a meeting of traditional leaders put in the letter called “Tumbaga Holing.”
As only the Angkola that had given the honorary title this should not be made a problem, he said. Do not let it spread to become a divisive issue.

“It is time for the people of Batak to unite,” he said.(ANTARA Sumut )


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